Pero and Sprecace, great candidates ready to lead New London

Boy, are we lucky! We have two of the best and most experienced candidates running for election. We have Rob Pero running for Board of Education...

Mayor McDaniel is the obvious choice to lead Montville

I am glad Ron McDaniel is running for mayor of Montville again. His education and experience make him the best qualified candidate. Ron possesses...

Don't let Norwich accumulate more debt for infrastructure

Norwich is again asking the voters to approve a $5 million bond for infrastructure work. We still have $3 million left from the...


Columnist David Ignatius

For American soldiers, Trump's betrayal of the Kurds is sickening

It's probably impossible for Americans to fully grasp the sense of betrayal felt by the Syrian Kurds, who suffered 11,000 dead in a war that we...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Connecticut's accidental governor needs to find his voice

Nearly one year into his term, Ned Lamont has yet to find an inspirational message.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Warren pregnancy smear reveals a poisoned media world

Ancient meeting minutes may not show pregnancy forced Warren from her teaching job, but genuine reporting backs her story.