Make Democrats pay at ballot box for their pursuit of tolls

Our brilliant governor and Democrat legislators think it will be a windfall to erect tolls on Connecticut highways. We are told that we will get...

Toll trucks, strictly enforce speed limits

High traffic corridor roads need to generate revenue. Here is how.  Trucks should pay tolls because their weight and speed damage road...

Flaws of primary system becoming evident

As a frequent critic of the political primary system on this opinion page, I was happy to read Richard Cohen’s column, “


Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Newsflash: Trump's Iran sanctions are working

The tough sanctions invoked by the Trump administration are weakening the Iranian regime, but it'll take more to topple it

Columnist Lee Elci

Join toll fight or don't bother complaining

A large majority of state residents say they oppose tolls, but only 2,100 show up for a rally? The cynical side of me might start to think that too...

Columnist Richard Cohen

Hungarian leader is offensive in the present tense, but he offends the past as well

Trump's welcome of Orbán is in a class of its own. Orbán is not merely a "tough man" -- so were Hitler and Stalin -- but a smotherer of...