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If Trump fills court's vacancy, Biden may benefit

A new conservative judge before elections could be a good thing. For those who do not like President Trump but want a conservative court will get...

RBG set stage for better tomorrows

Friday, we lost a great human being, a magnificent soul. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg offered to us a brilliant intellect, impeccable integrity and...


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Black Lives Matter. Don't try to change the subject.

So stop asking me about Chicago. I require no instruction from you on how and when to mourn. More to the point, stop using tragedies to duck the...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Digital world helps 'people peaceably to assemble'

The boat parade was a reminder that even in blue-state Connecticut, which I suspect Biden will carry easily, Trump has a large group of loyal...

Columnist John Kass

Missing the little things voters care about outside the bubble

They're not little to us. The safety of our families isn't some little thing. The kind of history being crammed into our children's heads isn't a...