Abuse of power reason for impeachment

The argument that only criminal offenses are impeachable has died a thousand deaths in the writings of all the experts on the subject.

Claim Obama funded attacks shocking even for Trump

Trump opted to use the opportunity to settle old scores and accuse his predecessor of funding what the U.S. government has labeled as terrorism.

What happened to Elizabeth Warren's Big Mo?

There has been a growing list of statements that suggest that suggest Warren is willing to say whatever it takes to get elected.

Trump pulls the plug on "green" subsidies

Wind turbines, electric cars and the like are not economical and have needed crony capitalism, via taxpayer money, to prop them up. That could be ending.

High level of uncertainty makes this a 'scary moment'

The coming year may hold an especially large number of surprises. You may want to open your mind about what happens next.

Questions in the wake of the targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani

"I do not know of a single Iranian who was more indispensable to his government's ambitions in the Middle East."

How about that, Ali Khamenei? Trump did do something.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei failed to reckon with Trump's own capacity for recklessness

Women dominated decade just concluded

The two biggest cultural influences of the last 10 years are clear: women and screens. For me, that adds up to a pretty thrilling decade.

The things I hate about Donald Trump

Like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I don't hate Donald Trump. But there sure are many things I hate about his conduct as president.Like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I don’t Donald Trump. But there sure are many things I hate about his conduct as president.

Flight shame is real but not always effective

Air travel is falling in countries with the highest percentage of people who believe climate change is the world's number one problem.


MLK: 'Learning the simple art of living together'

With patient and firm determination we will press on until every valley of despair is exalted to new peaks of hope.

Madison and Trump did the same thing, but Trump got impeached

Rashly accusing our political opponents of criminal behavior makes our nation vulnerable to foreign interference and creates a downward spiral that could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Cities could benefit by backing Medicare for All

If the federal government assumed medical costs it would mean big savings for local taxpayers and provide more money to invest locally.

Markle and the racial identity discussion

It puzzles me why some white people get upset when Markle or Obama are identified in the media as “black.”

Many teens are still shunning cars

In 1984, 47.8% of 16-year-olds in this country could legally drive. In 2018, only 25.6% could.

Show courage to do what is needed; impose tolls on all vehicles

Watching Governor Ned Lamont bob and weave on tolls has just been one of the more recent and painful spectacles of an executive who apparently thought making tough fiscal decisions would be easy.

A more ‘usable’ nuclear weapon on submarines? Are we insane?

The money is never there for things that could truly help society — clean water, free education, efficient energy — but always there for weapons.

Trump-style cruelty about the dead is especially wounding for their survivors

Maybe some Trump backers have finally begun to perceive that his cruelty is limitless, his sense of decency nonexistent.

Threats abroad to a free press carry a risk for U.S. security

Repression of journalists abroad may seem distant from our everyday life in America. But it is not.

75 years later, reflecting on courage shown in Battle of the Bulge

As Belgian King Phillipe powerfully stated, “The America of 1944 defended freedom and democracy with all its strength… Since then, we have gradually built a new Europe based on reconciliation and a firm desire to put age-old rivalries...


The Day works to get you the information you need

A credible, fearless and ambitious local news organization provides a community with a common narrative and history.

Coast Guard Museum delayed, not denied

Despite the slow pace, our editorial board remains bullish about the prospects for this project and its importance to the future of the downtown.

Judge got it right, tear down that fence at Old Lyme beach

Fencing off the beach to all because of the inconsiderate actions of some was not the right or, as the court has ruled, legal solution.


Columnist Lee Elci

Those legally voting should know the English language

If it is a mandatory for aspiring United States citizens to speak and understand the English language, why is Groton – or any city in the...

Columnist Cal Thomas

Step right up, show trial begins

It is politics at its worst and opens the door, as some of the Founders warned, for "normalizing" impeachment.

Columnist Robert Reich

Lip service aside, Davos' elite uninterested in tackling inequality

Popular anger is boiling over against elites seen as irredeemably greedy, corrupt and indifferent to the plight of most people struggling to get by