Women must win election or else be dictated to by men

If you’re feeling a sharp sense of “The Handmaid’s Tale” preja vu, join the club.


Collins' attack on Somers was a smear

The false insinuations made by Collins about Sen. Somers are far beneath the quality of reporting, even from an opinion writer, that I would expect from The Day and that its readers deserve.

Water dependent means exactly that

Restaurants, wind turbine development and Coast Guard museums can be built anywhere. Because they are not water dependent, they should not be allowed on New London's coastline under state law.

Regional solutions working in Norwich and Sprague

To see how regionalization works in a practical sense, look no further than a partnership between Norwich Public Utilities, the Town of Sprague and the Department of Public Health.

Flawed op-ed was really about politics, not tolls

No one can seriously think that a significant number of people will waste their time crawling on back roads (especially the already crowded Route 1) in order to save a few dollars.

Turning to government for health care destroys patient-doctor relationship

We must get the majority of the people out of the current system of coercion and back into the free-market price system.

Make manufacturing great again New England

We should support open markets to increase foreign investments. How do we do this? By strengthening existing trade agreements and creating new ones with emerging market countries.

Southeastern Connecticut unfurls its sails

Offshore wind can power the future of our region

Groton bodies should oppose highway tolls

Our Democrat elected officials seem to not at all be concerned about the potential for crowding on our secondary roads, an increase in traffic accidents, and a disruption of the pedestrian and cycling enjoyment in and around the roads affected.

The future of state pier

May 2, 2019 was a historic day for job creation and economic growth across southeastern Connecticut.  The Connecticut Port Authority, Gateway Terminal, Eversource and Ørsted announced a partnership to revitalize State Pier...

Moms spend more time on housework when a man's in the house

Men may be doing things that create additional housework, but they are also less demanding than women in terms of their expectations.


Little to show of Lamont's structural change agenda

The governor faces an open rebellion on tax policy. With the House Democratic Progressive Caucus leading the way.

Whaling painting will stay where it belongs − New London

Custom House Maritime Museum director Susan Tamulevich was no more inclined than 19th century whalers to let this big catch get away without a fight.

Trump rules and Texas law aim to make discrimination legal

The scope of the administration’s plan is a worrying step backward, a startling regression to a long bygone era of legally sanctioned bigotry.


Columnist Lee Elci

Join toll fight or don't bother complaining

A large majority of state residents say they oppose tolls, but only 2,100 show up for a rally? The cynical side of me might start to think that too...

Columnist Richard Cohen

Hungarian leader is offensive in the present tense, but he offends the past as well

Trump's welcome of Orbán is in a class of its own. Orbán is not merely a "tough man" -- so were Hitler and Stalin -- but a smotherer of...

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Pete Buttigieg creates another media moment

Buttigieg, in appearing on Fox News Sunday night, helped his cause tremendously. Projecting the same calm, incisiveness and wit that have impressed...