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Federalism failing to meet 21st century needs

Although federalism still has some benefits, its obsolescence is increasingly obvious when the U.S. faces crises that, like climate change and COVID-19, don't respect state boundaries.

Guru of conservatism and his gift from God are gone

Unlike some in the media, Rush’s radio program wasn’t about him; it was about America, the country he loved passionately and unceasingly.

Rush handed Trump playbook of attacks without substance

Limbaugh pioneered the rise of the outrage/entertainment wing to dominance in the GOP, a project that culminated in Trump's presidency. A world of snark, sophistry and alternative realities.

For Trump, no conviction — but a historic repudiation

One thing that Trump made clear was that nothing in the constitutional system makes presidents respect the U.S. political system.

The threat to democracy has only begun

We should never forget that a failed attempt to overthrow the government often precedes a successful attempt down the road.

Immigration reform can be the key to solving the tech labor shortage

Current immigration statutes provide foreign graduates few options if they wish to remain in the United States after graduating, forcing them to either return home or move to a different country.

Fad aside, inflation and debt still matter

From the OECD to the International Monetary Fund, global organizations that traditionally supported fiscal restraint have become much more relaxed about sovereign borrowing.

Preparing to remove COVID economic supports

As we finally begin to contemplate life without COVID-19, we should also be planning for the end of these programs with a thoughtful, orderly wind-down.

A year ago we thought new virus was another health scare that would pass

Speculation that the new coronavirus might spread well beyond Wuhan seemed overblown. Surely it would blow away.


Mystic River Bluffs is development Groton needs

We require a variety of housing, including mixed-use walkable neighborhoods. Mystic River Bluffs is one such neighborhood.

'All politics is local' hits home after run for office

By getting involved, by volunteering on local committees, or running for an elected position, citizens can have a direct impact on what decisions are made at the local and state level.

It will take time and commitment to curb youth violence

Reducing violence over time takes not just time, but the will to do so, continuing effort, consistency, effort and education.

Daring to dream in wake of tragedy

A fine line can separate breaking away from the streets and achieving a dream or being pulled down by circumstances. Higher Edge works to make sure dreams prevail.

Chris Powell column offensive to educators

Columnist characterizes the basic protections that teachers and school administrators seek as a 'conspiracy against the public.'

The National Apprenticeship Act is Eastern Connecticut’s gift to our nation’s workforce

Our region should be bursting with pride that a congressman from Norwich with a high school education is still at the center of our nation’s debate about restarting its middle-class.

Ida B. Wells left a legacy of activism in education. We need that now.

Despite the resolve and resourcefulness of Black people to build their own institutions, there have been never-ending challenges to securing funding equal to that of predominantly White institutions.

Port Authority treated unfairly in columns

These columns demonstrate a pattern of hastily written opinions that fall apart when confronted with fact.

A conflict? 'Not even close,' says port authority member.

It’s time for some of us to stand up to columnists who want to demean the efforts of those of us who are working our fannies off and investing hard-earned funds to make New London a better place.

Moving a nation and our community toward a more perfect union

As human services providers, we see on a daily basis the damage inflicted by bigotry and hatred on the people we serve.


A Connecticut teacher becomes nation's chief educator

The new education secretary is prepared to take on the storm-term, and long-term challenges of his new office.

As Interior secretary, Haaland will seek common ground

Rather than kick and buck against Haaland’s nomination, senators should embrace the opportunity to be part of a steady transition to cleaner...

Close reins on authority would benefit wind-power plans

While past dealings, including too-cozy relationships between board personnel and those hired to do work for it, appear to be the subject of the...


Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump enthusiasm is alive and well in Republican ranks

There is also that special bond between Trump and his supporters that Biden does not appear to enjoy with Democrats.

Columnist Robert Reich

Grand Trump Party great for Democrats; could be disastrous for America

With the GOP in disarray and rabid Trumpism turning off ever more voters, the 2022 midterm elections could swell Democratic majorities in Congress.

Columnist Chris Powell

Be fair, Lamont doing best that he can with vaccine distribution

People are entitled to regret their loss of place in line but great progress against the epidemic is visible and this should console them and foster...