Bolton or not, Trump foreign policy remains dysfunctional

Trump’s combination of carelessness and capriciousness will continue to haunt U.S. foreign policy regardless of who replaces Bolton.

Bolton exit provides an opportunity for Iran talks

When it comes to Iran, the Trump administration's hands are no longer tied by Bolton, an ideologue who views diplomacy as a weakness rather than a tool.

Smart transportation can clean air, cut health costs, shorten commutes

In Connecticut’s major urban areas and arteries, worsening traffic congestion has led to roughly $2.4 billion annually in lost time and wasted fuel.

Will Trump's behavior decide the 2020 election?

Given the history of voters giving presidents second terms, it would appear the incumbent president should win re-election in 2020. But Trump is no ordinary president.

Government works best at local level

Local officials better understand resident needs and more often engage directly with residents in the process of governing.

Facts show government makes problems worse

Boatloads of studies show private school students routinely outclass public school students. This is especially remarkable because private schools do so with far fewer resources.

Afghan women could pay a terrible price for U.S. retreat

When asked if they would respect international human rights principles, Taliban leaders respond by saying those principles contradict their interpretation of Islam.

On Labor Day, consider injustice of forced union dues

Forced unionism is wrong and coercing workers into subsidizing union officials holds back a state’s economy.

Don't make things tougher for our immigrant neighbors

Immigrants account for 13.5 percent of our country’s population, yet they represent a full 17 percent of the American labor force.

Should O'Donnell continue on MSNBC after ethical breach?

The catastrophe appears to flow from one man's conclusion that having Russian oligarchs on Trump loan documents is a story that's too good to check.


Why GOP victory in North Carolina spells disaster for Democrats

President Trump is the single most effective surrogate and turnout machine for the Republican Party, the most important weapon in the fight to control Congress.

Ledyard Fair can stay put if it simplifies

The future fairs could be held in the current location if the Fair Association would do a little bit of repositioning and downsizing.

Feminist aviation pioneer had ties to Noank

Putnam’s mother had refused in purported disapproval of the union to allow the planned use of her home on Church Street in the center of the village, only to change her mind at the last minute.

New London mayoral candidate's full comments on immigration

I feel strongly that sanctuary cities, or immigration in general, I should say, is a federal issue and it should be dealt with in Washington. And it is misguided being dealt with here, locally.

Shameful of Day running anti-union op-ed Labor Day

Didn’t anyone tell you, Labor Day is a day reserved for honoring working people and the sacrifices of the men and women who fought and died to help bring about labor reforms.

South and North, fair desegregation remains elusive

In few American school districts have we ever reaped the benefits of desegregation fairly and robustly implemented.

'Right-to-work' aims to destroy labor-union gains

Freeloading workers contribute to the financial collapse of unions and to the protections they provide.

Connecticut senator gave U.S. its name and its courts

When delegates were about to approve the name of the new nation as "National Government of United States," Ellsworth suggested instead "the United States of America."

A big nuclear story you probably missed

President Trump is trying to revice U.S. nuclear power and protect our nuclear weapons' stock, but the press is largely ignoring his efforts.

How violent video games can be good for you

Many video games place violence in a social context and give players a hands-on opportunity to explore moral conundrums they would never face in real life.


Properly compensate New London in State Pier deal

For all the benefits of this project, New London cannot afford to get rolled again. It needs to get its fair share of the money to be made.

Unlock and unload. Attacking Iran would be a mistake

If the United States did strike militarily, there are no assurances it could be contained to a single retaliatory action. Iran could take the...

State should end religious vaccine exemption: here's why

This anti-vaccine phenomenon is endangering other children, particularly those with legitimate medical issues.


Columnist Lee Elci

Debt is out of control and politicians don't care

Your kids and your kids’ kids will be asked to carry an unsustainable debt albatross long after all of us are gone.

Columnist Richard Cohen

Why identity politics is dangerous

It is wrong to think the injustice of racism and all the other "isms" can be righted with the injustice of identity politics. We have enough victims...

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Biden's debate: 'presidential' or 'disqualifying' -- depending on the source

Biden's response to one question belongs in some sort of Bizarre Answer Hall of Fame, drifting from an apparently unintended insult to low-income...