Play it cool, GOP, stick to facts

Forget Deep State nonsense. What needs defending is that not only did Trump not commit an impeachable offense, he committed no offense at all.

Weld bets Trump’s troubles will benefit his insurgent campaign

Weld believes Trump is facing “a richly deserved impeachment by the U.S. House and removal by the U.S. Senate."

Trump will get little support from black Americans. Here’s why.

The "Black Voices for Trump Event" was the latest confirmation that Trump really doesn’t give two cents about African Americans.

Bloomberg's baggage is daunting

Bloomberg comes with a significant piece of baggage: his support as mayor for the New York Police Department’s “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Virginia should serve as a warning to Republicans

The wounds the Republicans have suffered have in many respects been self-inflicted, as their party in Virginia was taken over by hardline forces on the right.

Could global frustration of the masses spill into United States?

The demonstrations not only are the “language of the unheard,” they are the predictable results of broken systems of governance. And the first steps toward chaos.

Vital health clinics could face ax if Congress stalls funding

For the second time in two years, Congress is about to abandon millions of Americans who depend on community health care.

If Republicans don't back Trump, they risk losing base forever

If a quid pro quo involving Trump is established, leveraging military or civilian aid to Ukraine for assistance in the investigation of the attack on the 2016 presidential election, that would not be illegitimate.


DEEP should choose New London with wind energy decision

We are in fierce competition and the selection of Constitution Wind for 800MW will solidify New London’s place in the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

Let kids pick their heroes, gender aside

Why wouldn’t a boy pick a Wonder Woman costume? If he wants to grow up and be Diana, great. If he wants to grow up to be a cis male who embodies superpowers like extraordinary humanity and compassion, that’d be respectable too.

St. Francis House, 20 years of Christian service

All those accepted help with household chores, participate in prayer life and contribute what they can toward maintenance costs.

The power of kindness in troubled political times

There is no inconsistency between kindness and effective, winning leadership. This does not make me an idealist; it just means I am paying attention to the best social science.

It is a mistake to skip local election vote

The councilor that you help elect today could be tomorrow’s senator, or even president!

Molding New London into a city that works for everyone

"Under my leadership, we will celebrate and unite all the vibrant communities of people who live here. I’m asking you to give me a chance to try approaches that haven’t been tried before."

Failed, costly project shows New London Mayor Passero’s ineptness

"As your mayor, you can be confident that I will visit jobsites before, during, and after to ensure jobs are being completed on time and on budget."

Passero seeks New London voter support to build on success

"We have achieved much, but there is much left to accomplish. I am more bullish than ever about the future of the Whaling City."


Don't chintz on East Lyme police station

The plan was not to move police from an inadequate facility into a barely adequate one.

Trading lives of young vapers for votes

If the gasping victims of shredded lungs were laboratory rats or rabbits, they would have their own vociferous lobbying groups and the president...

New London should have high expectations for Passero's 2nd term

Mayor Passero says he has an experienced administrative team in place. There should be no learning curve in a second term.


Columnist Clarence Page

Warren listened to what people wanted

Elizabeth Warren knows banking reform, among other policy issues, better than she knows campaign politics.

Columnist Lee Elci

Some political civility, at least for spouses

Instead of admiration and recognition for helping bring a worthwhile program national attention, the First Lady was witness to as many as 200 people...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Partisan lines fade with the right candidates

Americans are not quite as politically tribal as we are told, when it comes to state and local elections — and that should apply to national...