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Congress had a chance for bipartisan police reform. Both parties failed.

Democrats and Republicans share the blame for not getting a substantial reform bill passed, as the public was demanding.

There is no constitutional right to abortion, but the court keeps pretending

The court continues to grapple with a problem that it created but cannot solve, stuck in a trap from which it obstinately refuses to escape.

Protect offshore aspect of New England’s natural heritage

The Trump administration has advanced a series of detrimental rollbacks to some of our most vital environmental protections, including dismantling our precious national monuments.

Time to confront U.S. destruction of Indigenous people

The policy of Indian removal resulted in harms normally associated with genocide. The consequences of the policy were clearly genocidal.

'Time for Tikun olam, the repair of the world'

So many black and brown lives have been lost to institutional racism. It is time for Tikun olam, the repair of the world, a core Jewish value.

Why it is so vital to have a 'Conversation on Race'

So, what can be done address this unrest? One way is to become better educated about racism. We can talk about race. We can listen.


The racism the Confederate flag embodies

If the Coast Guard wished to create a corps without cadets who menace their peers in the tradition of the Confederacy, they could follow other institutions and withdraw acceptance of those who post racist statements.

Racism is woven into the tapestry of our nation

It is an irony of history that it took the invention of the camera-equipped smartphone to shatter the illusions under which so many have lived.

City's priorities and values at stake

The recently approved city budget allocates over $12 million — nearly one quarter of cityside spending — to policing, while fundamental services are being stretched thin.

More perfect union? It starts with us.

True and lasting change to create the country whose ideals we all praise will only come when we critically examine ourselves for unconscious racial bias.

Militarism uses resources that could address racial injustice

Are the trillions presently pouring into weapons really the best way to strengthen our nation and overcome the perpetuation of racist injustice?

A beautiful and tragic love story, born of war

His congregation described John as “a young man who had been captain of his company in the war but gave up his commission and sword to take up the banner of his Savior.”

Schools must broaden the lessons of history

History must teach students about significant stories of each part of the world from different points of view.

Shaking babies: It’s worse than you thought

It's possible to inflict abusive heard trauma without even knowing it.

Outdoor dining is wonderful, and the TV is inside

I will agree to chew with my mouth shut and keep my elbows off the table if the waitstaff will refrain from interrupting me to ask if everything’s OK mid-bite.

The crossroad: Collectivism or American individualism

One tool of collectivism is identity politics, which pits citizen against citizen, encouraging them to snitch on each other when any are found to have strayed from the dictates of the group.


Be glad it's working here

In truth, everything done to flatten the curve and mitigate the number of fatalities has been a large-scale science experiment. There was no choice...

Stonington police need to explain how two suspects just drove away

When police response goes this badly in this many ways, the next question is why the missteps.

Memo to the president: A national mask mandate would help you

If the numbers improve, you can take credit for what everyone else started. If not, then you were right about masks all along. Genius!


Columnist Lee Elci

An Independence Day littered with turmoil

Peaceful objections and protest can be patriotic, but hate for hate's sake divides.

Columnist Robert B. Reich

Trump rushed to reopen America, but COVID-19 is closing in on him

In the biggest public health emergency in U.S. history, one in which some 130,000 have already lost their lives, still no one is in charge.

Columnist Froma Harrop

Some of you rabbits are winning. Others not.

Warmer winters have exploded rabbit populations in the eastern U.S. Other regions, however, are seeing a rabbit kill-off due to a highly contagious...