Congress must challenge Mueller’s inconsistencies

The most important question: Does Mueller believe President Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors and should therefore be impeached?

Kaepernick was right — racists love the Betsy Ross flag

The 13-star flag represents our country’s original 13 colonies. Whatever our patriotic sentiments today, the independence of those colonies came about from the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of African Americans.

Just (don’t) Do It — Nike caves to political correctness

The 13-star flag embodies the antithesis of oppression. It is the archetypal symbol of the fight against (British) tyranny. It represents freedom. It stood for independence.

Politics get in the way of health-care fixes

When it comes to healthcare, the perfect remains the enemy of the good, as illustrated by Sen. Warren's recent vote.

Reparations: It's time to speak up, and it's OK to be angry

It's important to remember that slavery was not just the theft of labor but the theft of black women's sexual autonomy.

Kamala Harris wants to ‘prosecute the case’ against Trump. What does that mean?

What will Harris do if she continues to talk about prosecuting Trump, either literally or figuratively, and supporters in the audience start chanting: “Lock him up!”?

What I'm looking for in Democratic debates

Some say Democrats jneed someone who can defeat President Trump; others, someone who is inspirational; and still others,someone with big ideas. I'm looking for a candidate who can do all of that.


Connecticut's Catholic Bishops: U.S. must do better with refugees

Those fleeing the hazardous conditions of their homeland to make the perilous journey to the safety and freedom of America are currently facing treatment that undermines our shared values of freedom and belief in human dignity.

One-party dominance is an anchor halting New London progress

The lack of political balance in the city is a major contributor to this failure to flourish. It has maintained a status quo that leaves many New Londoners hanging helpless between periods of great hope and greater disappointment.

Nation needs a sensible approach to immigration

When we as a region are facing challenges in meeting labor market demands, it is common sense to look objectively at the positive impact immigrants are making on the economy and labor force.

Full text of House resolution condemning President Trump’s ‘racist comments’

American patriotism is defined not by race or ethnicity but by devotion to the Constitutional ideals of equality, liberty, inclusion, and democracy and by service to our communities and struggle for the common good.

Mystic development plans should align with existing zoning

Seaport Marine is not a neighborhood. It is a business. This marine business property should be rebuilt under the existing Marine Commercial zoning

Environmental partnership helps improve access to health care in eastern Connecticut

Former Triangle Wire plant became a United Community and Family Services facility after brownfields cleanup.

It's not just your fault that you eat so much sugar

The market is full of oversweetened foods.A study designed to measure people's reactions to bitterness found that they rarely complained about something being bitter or salty -- the primary complaint was that foods were too sweet.

Dodging a constitutional crisis with the census

It is important to understand just what a radical course of action the administration was flirting with.

I want more immigrants - and a citizenship question

Canada and Australia let in high percentages of legal immigrants and take tough stances in controlling their borders. Both countries ask about citizenship on their censuses.

Student has fond memories of teacher now caught up in controversy

I strongly believe Mr. Chokas had only the best intentions for the students for which he cared so dearly.


New London and ICE

The problem with ICE’s approach, particularly in a case like this, is that it could well dissuade individuals without documentation from...

The problems with repealing the 'Cadillac tax'

The planned tax on high-cost health plans is unpopular, but failing to implement it will contribute to higher health care costs and deficits.

Harvard should return photos to slave descendants

Lanier and her family deserve to control their ancestors’ images.


Columnist Red Jahncke

Foundation of Lamont’s budget may crumble

This scheme is a classic case of kicking the can down the road, with the can getting bigger in the process.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Community bears nuclear risk, should be heard on easing regulations

The government should not base its regulations on the assumption nuclear plants will be run by good actors. And reducing inspections and other...

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Here's a pledge even staunch progressives can use to win the hearts of Never Trumpers

Democratic contenders should consider a pledge to restore constitutional balance.