Elci's license-change criticism was insensitive

My old friend, Lee Elci, seems not only confused, but a little offended, that drivers shall have an alternative gender to put on their driver's licenses; "

Entertainment president a sad commentary on status of U.S. democracy

I rarely agree with Lee Elci. Clearly, he and I view the world entirely differently; he being a card-carrying member of the grievance-suffering class and I being no such thing. That said, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. To his credit,...

Elci's stimulating Trump talk is gag worthy

Lee Elci’s “Stimulating Talk” stimulates the gag reflex better than syrup of ipecac. His Feb. 12 column, “Are you entertained...

Democrats must unite

Throughout the recently completed proceedings, through their closing arguments, the Republicans insisted that impeachment was not warranted, that the voters should decide the political fate of the president. So be it! I say...

New 'Teflon Don'

Well, it's over. Acquitted by a compliant Senate after being impeached by the House of Representatives, the president can assuredly be called "Teflon Don." A caution though, things didn't work out so well for the last guy to have that...

Day shows prejudice on vaccine issue

I have noticed, with interest and concern, your one-sided articles and cartoons regarding immunizations. As the mother of a child who suffered a severe reaction to a series of vaccines, I have done much research on this subject. Legitimate...

Listen to the public, move Coast Guard museum location

Since 2014, many have written to The Day regarding the site chosen for the National Coast Guard Museum. All are in favor of putting the proposed museum in New London, but not building on fill on the waterfront behind the H.H.

Trump sets an awfully low bar

So much to write, so little time. But today, I'm looking back at the headline of a Eugene Robinson column I clipped from primary season in 2016 which stated, "

Day's criticism of New London council was genuinely sad

In the Feb. 10 editorial, “New London council’s needless bow to Bernie,” The Day glibly asks whether the council did its...

Media fuels hatred of Trump that engulfs our nation, communities

The swastika painted on my friend's "Go Trump" sign in Ledyard is a real sad moment in Ledyard history. It seems the good people of Ledyard have been hiding a dark hatred deep in their souls and the presence of President Donald Trump and the...

Bringing jobs and revenue to New London

I approve of the Harbor Development Agreement with the Connecticut Port Authority for the State Pier in New London. Governor Lamont announced Eversource and Ørsted North America ratified a deal with the Connecticut Port Authority's...

Celebrate presidents

President’s Day is coming up and all I hear is mattress sales and furniture sales and nobody is celebrating our country's great leaders, like George Washington and George H.W. Bush and so on. Why don’t we have...



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Trump oversteps his authority in moving defense funds to wall

The honest way to do this would have been for the president to refuse to sign the defense budget and make the case that more funding should be...

Education association helps schools pursue equity

According to CABE, only a small number of board members in Connecticut are of color, about 12% African American, 4% Latino, the latter number...

Disappearance of the New England Republican

The demise of the New England Republican in Washington is part of a broader story, one in which both parties became skewed to the ideological...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Acutally, Bernie Sanders is not doing so hot

What's remarkable about Sanders' performance so far is how unremarkable it has been. The Democratic majority will have to unite behind a moderate.

Columnist Chris Powell

Democrats expose their toll cowardice

The same-time vote scheme proclaims that some Democratic legislators will support tolls only if they are assured by enough of their colleagues that...

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Time to vote blue no matter who? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Vote blue, no matter who? Even if the "who" sees your boys and men as Xeroxes, to be interchangeably thrown against walls?