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Bumgardner is driven to make City of Groton better

I encourage my friends and neighbors to join me and my family in supporting Aundré Bumgardner for Groton City mayor on Monday. When I publicly expressed concern about the loss of open space in my neighborhood as closed schools are being sold...

Mayor Keith deserves your vote Monday

I encourage all Democrats in the City of Groton to vote Monday for our hard-working and honest Mayor Keith Hedrick. I love living in the City of Groton. We have all the good things that contribute to an excellent quality of life.

NLPD officer went extra step to help

I write in praise of special helpfulness by a member of the New London Police. On Saturday, Feb. 20, I drove my wife from Mystic to the Jennings School to get her second virus vaccination. I had the trip planned, including turning onto...

Being blocked was a troubling sign

Aundré Bumgardner unblocked me from his campaign page just before The Day ran, “Groton City Democratic...

Election letters deadline

Wednesday, March 3, will be the last day we will be accepting letters concerning the March 8 City of Groton Democratic mayoral primary. Paul Choiniere Editorial Page Editor

Aundré Bumgardner is fully dedicated: 'Who could ask for more?'

Aundré Bumgardner has my wholehearted support. I worked closely with him when I was the mayor of the Town of Groton and he was our young representative for the 41st District. Among the many issues he faced at the state level, he supported...

Only one candidate is qualified for City of Groton mayor: Keith Hedrick

Democrats in the City of Groton will soon select their candidate for mayor. The city mayor is not only a political position but also a full-time managerial position, akin to a city manager. Voters need to consider not only each...

City of Groton mayor? Why is there a City of Groton at all?

With all the brouhaha about the candidacy of Aundré Bumgardner for mayor of Groton City, why doesn’t the community of Groton do what many people have been suggesting for decades; make Groton one political entity? The fact that there...

Hedrick will continue to get job done

The job of City of Groton mayor is the most demanding in the region. It covers working with the two biggest industries and employers (Pfizer and Electris Bost), managing the city-owned, profitable and tax-reducing, as well as recently...

Please be patient awaiting a vaccine

I am patiently waiting. According to Governor Ned Lamont, vaccination for my age group will open around March 22. I am  eager to get vaccinated. I am yearning to re-open our synagogue. I am longing to visit the sick, the lonely, anyone in...

Make common cause to confront powerful, pursue equity

People of color have been disproportionately hit by COVID-19 (1), a fact to be expected given the socio-economic determinants of morbidity and mortality (2), saying, to be expected, is the epidemiologist’s data-based conclusion that Black...

Vaccine plan flawed, Lamont should reconsider

I have appreciated living in a state with a strong pandemic response, but Governor Lamont’s vaccine rollout plan is seriously flawed. I understand the intended speed of distributing the vaccine by age, but the plan excludes younger...



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A Connecticut teacher becomes nation's chief educator

The new education secretary is prepared to take on the storm-term, and long-term challenges of his new office.

As Interior secretary, Haaland will seek common ground

Rather than kick and buck against Haaland’s nomination, senators should embrace the opportunity to be part of a steady transition to cleaner...

Close reins on authority would benefit wind-power plans

While past dealings, including too-cozy relationships between board personnel and those hired to do work for it, appear to be the subject of the...


Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump enthusiasm is alive and well in Republican ranks

There is also that special bond between Trump and his supporters that Biden does not appear to enjoy with Democrats.

Columnist Robert Reich

Grand Trump Party great for Democrats; could be disastrous for America

With the GOP in disarray and rabid Trumpism turning off ever more voters, the 2022 midterm elections could swell Democratic majorities in Congress.

Columnist Chris Powell

Be fair, Lamont doing best that he can with vaccine distribution

People are entitled to regret their loss of place in line but great progress against the epidemic is visible and this should console them and foster...