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A Connecticut teacher becomes nation's chief educator

The new education secretary is prepared to take on the storm-term, and long-term challenges of his new office.

As Interior secretary, Haaland will seek common ground

Rather than kick and buck against Haaland’s nomination, senators should embrace the opportunity to be part of a steady transition to cleaner energy.

Close reins on authority would benefit wind-power plans

While past dealings, including too-cozy relationships between board personnel and those hired to do work for it, appear to be the subject of the investigation, doubts about the authority persist.

$1.9 trillion relief bill far bigger than needed

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is far overshooting the runway in its “rescue” mission.

New London State Pier deal, finally

When the offshore wind projects are completed in 10 to 20 years, the port will be left with heavy-lift infrastructure that should expand its uses

Tanden’s Twitter takedown

Tanden is eminently qualified. She’s facing opposition not mainly for her views on policy, but because in the past she’s said mean things on Twitter.

Finding a future for Waterford's Crystal Mall

A 2020 report on mall reuse points to “the vital role of the local (state, county or city) government in leading the repurposing effort to bring back economic activity”

Making sense of Lamont's vaccine shift

Whether further developments prove Lamont right or wrong, making tough decisions — and sometimes unpopular ones — is called leadership.

Let Connecticut voters decide voting reform measures in 2022

There is no good reason lawmakers should deny voters the opportunity to make this decision as soon as possible.

Time is running out, pursue public-private plan to save Seaside

We remain convinced that a path forward can be found to save Seaside while retaining public access to the rocky waterfront for fishing, picnicking and other passive recreational uses.

Getting students back in school full-time is a top priority

Getting students back in classrooms is not only important for their benefit, but for society generally.

Authority's positive response to our 'ethical' suggestion

The Connecticut Port Authority has agreed to pass along to the Office of State Ethics questions about possible conflicts of interest. That's a good sign for the agency.


Bumgardner is driven to make City of Groton better

I encourage my friends and neighbors to join me and my family in supporting Aundré Bumgardner for Groton City mayor on Monday. When I...

Mayor Keith deserves your vote Monday

I encourage all Democrats in the City of Groton to vote Monday for our hard-working and honest Mayor Keith Hedrick. I love living in...

NLPD officer went extra step to help

I write in praise of special helpfulness by a member of the New London Police. On Saturday, Feb. 20, I drove my wife from Mystic to the...


Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump enthusiasm is alive and well in Republican ranks

There is also that special bond between Trump and his supporters that Biden does not appear to enjoy with Democrats.

Columnist Robert Reich

Grand Trump Party great for Democrats; could be disastrous for America

With the GOP in disarray and rabid Trumpism turning off ever more voters, the 2022 midterm elections could swell Democratic majorities in Congress.

Columnist Chris Powell

Be fair, Lamont doing best that he can with vaccine distribution

People are entitled to regret their loss of place in line but great progress against the epidemic is visible and this should console them and foster...