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Be glad it's working here

In truth, everything done to flatten the curve and mitigate the number of fatalities has been a large-scale science experiment. There was no choice but to try out strategies and discover in real time whether they worked.

Stonington police need to explain how two suspects just drove away

When police response goes this badly in this many ways, the next question is why the missteps.

Memo to the president: A national mask mandate would help you

If the numbers improve, you can take credit for what everyone else started. If not, then you were right about masks all along. Genius!

To be fair, consider history behind state pay raises

Under the two prior administrations, the unions had accepted six years of pay freezes, increased insurance premium payments, higher drug co-pays and a hybrid retirement plan for new hires.

How well do you know origins of U.S. Independence?

This quiz, presented as a holiday break from our usual editorial in this space, provides the opportunity for you to reflect on our shared history as a nation.

Dark clouds over 2020 race

Trump sounds much like a president who is laying the groundwork to reject the results if they do not go in his favor and use the substantial powers of his office to attack the credibility of his opponent’s victory

Pandering politicians playing with fire

Perhaps the New York mayor got the response from the president he sought, but it doesn't do a lick to accomplish the change that is needed.

Don't let COVID-19 cause an outbreak of evictions

At this crucial moment, Congress must do everything possible to keep people in their homes.

Roberts chose precedent, but that won't end abortion debate

Chief Justice Roberts recognizes the dangers of the court swinging wildly back and forth on what is constitutional and what is not.

Not your song

Popular music artists are often shocked -- shocked! -- to hear their hit songs booming from speakers at Trump rallies. They may be crying about it all the way to the bank.

Florida’s reopening debacle

Face coverings have become politicized and viewed by some as an infringement of their personal freedom. It’s a selfish and foolish stance.

A plan to address systemic racial inequities

We agree with Gov. Ned Lamont that the focus in a special session should be on police accountability and ballot accessibility.


Child support system: a form of apartheid

In family court we routinely make one parent superior to the other with terms like custodial parent and financially with terms like obligee and...

Reproductive health services for all

Thank you for the July 1 editorial on the Supreme Court's recent decision on abortion and your prediction that the battle will rage on, “

Mail-in balloting works well

After living in Tacoma-Pierce County Washington for 10 years, my wife and I moved to Connecticut in 2015. Pierce County was the last county in...


Columnist Lee Elci

An Independence Day littered with turmoil

Peaceful objections and protest can be patriotic, but hate for hate's sake divides.

Columnist Robert B. Reich

Trump rushed to reopen America, but COVID-19 is closing in on him

In the biggest public health emergency in U.S. history, one in which some 130,000 have already lost their lives, still no one is in charge.

Columnist Froma Harrop

Some of you rabbits are winning. Others not.

Warmer winters have exploded rabbit populations in the eastern U.S. Other regions, however, are seeing a rabbit kill-off due to a highly contagious...