Don't chintz on East Lyme police station

The plan was not to move police from an inadequate facility into a barely adequate one.

Trading lives of young vapers for votes

If the gasping victims of shredded lungs were laboratory rats or rabbits, they would have their own vociferous lobbying groups and the president might not have been so quick to thwart the ban on flavored e-cigs.

New London should have high expectations for Passero's 2nd term

Mayor Passero says he has an experienced administrative team in place. There should be no learning curve in a second term.

Mass shootings continue but McConnell won't allow gun-control vote

Another school shooting took place as Connecticut senators pushed for vote on universal background checks, but Republican leadership was unmoved.

Building a wind industry across Connecticut

The best choice for the state and for the viability of the industry is to see the awards divided up between the two ventures focused on development at the New London and Bridgeport ports.

Simmons' last act as Stonington first selectman

Granted, it is not a plan that Simmons is thrilled about, but after a long career in politics he well knows you sometimes must accept what you don’t want to get what you need.

Bad news for state economy if Lamont rolls over on tolls

Republicans are showing no interest in meeting the governor halfway. And if he was expecting backing from his fellow Democrats in control of the Senate -- forget about it.

Women & Girls Fund: vital then and now

As women exercise more leadership in the workplace and civic life, earn better salaries, and find their voices, many are becoming interested in philanthropy that addresses issues that matter to them.

What if a local official acted in this manner?

Is it not OK to use the levers of power to extort someone in an effort to get dirt on a political opponent.

Salem awards focus on the good, not the divisions

It is customary to thank battlefield veterans for their service, but words are only half of it. Real gratitude means unselfishly exercising the freedoms those heroes protected.

How to lose to Trump in 2020

Senator Warren and those backing her would risk Trump’s reelection for a policy proposal that has no chance of winning enactment.

What we don't know about CPA is hurting us

A large international partnership of energy companies was negotiating with a public partner unequal to the task.


Recent editorial analogy was off base

The editorial "What if a local official acted in...

Rep. Nolan backs wind bid with New London ties

I want to lend my voice in support of the op-ed, “

Hunter Biden's job is not the issue

Lately there has been much concern over Hunter Biden obtaining a job where his knowledge about the duties involved were uncertain. Is it any...


Columnist Clarence Page

Warren listened to what people wanted

Elizabeth Warren knows banking reform, among other policy issues, better than she knows campaign politics.

Columnist Lee Elci

Some political civility, at least for spouses

Instead of admiration and recognition for helping bring a worthwhile program national attention, the First Lady was witness to as many as 200 people...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Partisan lines fade with the right candidates

Americans are not quite as politically tribal as we are told, when it comes to state and local elections — and that should apply to national...