New London and ICE

The problem with ICE’s approach, particularly in a case like this, is that it could well dissuade individuals without documentation from contacting police to report domestic violence, theft or intimidation.

The problems with repealing the 'Cadillac tax'

The planned tax on high-cost health plans is unpopular, but failing to implement it will contribute to higher health care costs and deficits.

Harvard should return photos to slave descendants

Lanier and her family deserve to control their ancestors’ images.

Recent upheaval rocks confidence in Port Authority

The sudden departure of the chairman, followed by news that a critical deal remains unsigned and the executive director has been placed on leave, suggest an organization in upheaval.

For no good reason, Tubman won't be honored on $20 bill

Thanks to the intervention of his treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, only likenesses of white men will appear on U.S. paper money for the duration of Trump's presidency.

Connecticut prepares for 5G revolution

The upgrade will herald a new communications age of smart, connected devices gathering massive amounts of data. It will change the way we live, work and play.

The failure of the Smiler's Wharf project in Mystic

In the end it was the scale of the project, its location in a flood zone, and its plan to displace an existing boat repair and storage facility that generated strong opposition and doomed the proposal.

With lessons learned, restarting search process for New London offices

The mayor remains convinced that consolidating most city offices, now scattered among City Hall and three other city-owned buildings, into a single rental space is the best long-term option.

Pay equity is not that simple

Pay disparities are less the result of outright discrimination than many politicians suggest, and ensuring gender paycheck equity is more complicated than they typically let on.

Trump's racist trope must be condemned

We should be shocked that a president, in the year 2019, would stoop to such a racist approach to his political opponents, but we are beyond shock when it comes to this president.

Elegy for some gentle giants

For generations, copper beech trees were the ultimate survivors, defying hurricanes and nor'easters, but something is killing many of the signature beeches of southeastern Connecticut.

Bringing balance to New London politics

Voters may not be ready for a Republican or a Green as mayor, but they are surely ready for a good contest. And regardless of who wins, New London will be better for a real debate on the issues that the city faces.


Big difference between legal, illegal immigration

Finally! Someone has the common sense to say it like it is (

Day editorial got it right, climate emergency is now

The Day editorial staff should be commended for the May 9 editorial, "

UConn should preserve its football program

Some fans are excited with the University of Connecticut’s return to the Big East. Some aren’t. I can assure you of this: If...


Columnist Red Jahncke

Foundation of Lamont’s budget may crumble

This scheme is a classic case of kicking the can down the road, with the can getting bigger in the process.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Community bears nuclear risk, should be heard on easing regulations

The government should not base its regulations on the assumption nuclear plants will be run by good actors. And reducing inspections and other...

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Here's a pledge even staunch progressives can use to win the hearts of Never Trumpers

Democratic contenders should consider a pledge to restore constitutional balance.