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Be glad it's working here

In truth, everything done to flatten the curve and mitigate the number of fatalities has been a large-scale science experiment. There was no choice but to try out strategies and discover in real time...

Stonington police need to explain how two suspects just drove away

When police response goes this badly in this many ways, the next question is why the missteps.

Memo to the president: A national mask mandate would help you

If the numbers improve, you can take credit for what everyone else started. If not, then you were right about masks all along. Genius!

To be fair, consider history behind state pay raises

Under the two prior administrations, the unions had accepted six years of pay freezes, increased insurance premium payments, higher drug co-pays and a hybrid retirement plan for new hires.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Child support system: a form of apartheid

In family court we routinely make one parent superior to the other with terms like custodial parent and financially with terms like obligee and obligor concerning child support. On its surface child support seems like a perfectly reasonable idea,...

Reproductive health services for all

Thank you for the July 1 editorial on the Supreme Court's recent decision on abortion and your prediction that the battle will rage on, “

Mail-in balloting works well

After living in Tacoma-Pierce County Washington for 10 years, my wife and I moved to Connecticut in 2015. Pierce County was the last county in Washington to change to all mail-in ballots for all elections. Although Washington is a Blue state like...

Let public decide about the fate of statues

Pressure to remove time-honored statues of important figures of American history reveals we are in an era of reevaluating our national heritage and the meaning of being an American. When based on rational debate, such introspection is much needed...

Nice op-ed, but here's a couple of corrections

As a fellow history buff, I must correct two errors in Nick Fischer’s otherwise excellent op-ed in The Day, “Schools must broaden...

Stand up for freedom, return Trump to office in 2020

The level of vitriol and hate towards President Trump is beyond belief. These attacks are coordinated, orchestrated, and based on ideology, not fact. The president had early life advantages others did not have. He did not live off the advantages...

Murphy on target at COVID-19 hearing

As a communication scholar, I believe that Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., hit the nail on the head at Tuesday’s Senate coronavirus hearing. He explained why slowing the spread of COVID-19 is in large part a rhetorical problem. As Murphy...

He is speaking out after recent troubling letters

One of the lessons of Black Lives Matter demonstrations is that white people need to speak and to act against racism. In this spirit, I am responding to two letters that appeared in The Day on June 29. Both rationalize the system of oppression...

Travelers golf event benefited important work

As co-founders of the Connecticut COVID-19 Charity Connection (4-CT), we are extremely grateful to be one of the charities to benefit from this year’s Travelers Championship that took place June 25-28. The 2020 Championship was just the...

America can't sustain more Trump division

President Trump's prospect for re-election is sinking faster than the Titanic, especially in the battleground states where he is now losing badly to Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, who is resonating among Americans looking for a...

U.S. must learn from rest of the world

In recent days, I have been shocked and scared by photos in The Day showing people close together without masks. I am 74 and male, which means I have a double bullseye on my back. Areas in America where masks are more worn have declining COVID-19...

Poor parking treatment won't be forgotten

On Saturday evening, June 20, we left Kokomo’s in Old Lyme. We had a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience celebrating my wife’s retirement. Low and behold we discovered our vehicle on a flatbed ready to be towed away. We had...



Columnist Lee Elci

An Independence Day littered with turmoil

Peaceful objections and protest can be patriotic, but hate for hate's sake divides.

Columnist Robert B. Reich

Trump rushed to reopen America, but COVID-19 is closing in on him

In the biggest public health emergency in U.S. history, one in which some 130,000 have already lost their lives, still no one is in charge.

Columnist Froma Harrop

Some of you rabbits are winning. Others not.

Warmer winters have exploded rabbit populations in the eastern U.S. Other regions, however, are seeing a rabbit kill-off due to a highly contagious virus.


Congress had a chance for bipartisan police reform. Both parties failed.

Democrats and Republicans share the blame for not getting a substantial reform bill passed, as the public was demanding.

There is no constitutional right to abortion, but the court keeps pretending

The court continues to grapple with a problem that it created but cannot solve, stuck in a trap from which it obstinately refuses to escape.


The racism the Confederate flag embodies

If the Coast Guard wished to create a corps without cadets who menace their peers in the tradition of the Confederacy, they could follow other institutions and withdraw acceptance of those who post racist statements.

Racism is woven into the tapestry of our nation

It is an irony of history that it took the invention of the camera-equipped smartphone to shatter the illusions under which so many have lived.

City's priorities and values at stake

The recently approved city budget allocates over $12 million — nearly one quarter of cityside spending — to policing, while fundamental services are being stretched thin.