Properly compensate New London in State Pier deal

For all the benefits of this project, New London cannot afford to get rolled again. It needs to get its fair share of the money to be made.

Unlock and unload. Attacking Iran would be a mistake

If the United States did strike militarily, there are no assurances it could be contained to a single retaliatory action. Iran could take the opportunity to expand the engagement into a regional...

State should end religious vaccine exemption: here's why

This anti-vaccine phenomenon is endangering other children, particularly those with legitimate medical issues.

Sharpiegate funny, yet no laughing matter

On some matters, the public must trust the government will provide straightforward facts, not spun for the benefit of a party or politician.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Why's government broken? Look in the mirror

It's our fault, you know. The chaotic and destructive government we now have is the result of our inattention. The campaigns and the debates were exercises in bullying, mudslinging, and scene-stealing. Any discussion of principles was buried by...

New London police union leaders endorse Adam Sprecace for council

Republican Adam Sprecace is once again running for City Council. He is a bright and thoughtful former three-term councilor who always does his homework and thinks before speaking. As long time New London Police Union leaders, Adam has always...

Burke's dedication to New London makes him ideal for council

I grew up with both of my parents serving in municipal elected office, one Republican and one Democrat. Local city elections are easy to ignore, especially in the light of alarming national news. However, our civic participation is just as...

Why not U.S. investment in wind energy?

After reading David Collins' columns of Sept. 1 and

In New London dealing with immigration is mayoral issue

Several of New London’s leading political figures have recently opined that immigration enforcement is an issue best left to the federal government and should not be part of a local mayoral debate. I strongly disagree.  Section...

Many reasons Coast Guard museum should be at Fort Trumbull

So, it appears the powers that be are still trying to squeeze the National Coast Guard Museum into what most of us realize is the wrong location for so many reasons. A state grant of $20 million will be used for a necessary pedestrian bridge...

In New London, Ritchie providing student-centered leadership

Evaluations of all employees in a school setting is crucially important to ensure that instruction is taking place and that the people in positions are appropriate and doing their job. In the past, less than 30 percent of all employees in the New...

Even as church beckoned, Nolan ready to protect and serve

Sept. 8 was my son Anthony’s 50th birthday. He was thus on my mind as I drove to St. Mary’s Church and, coincidentally, saw another Anthony, New London Police Department officer and state Rep. Anthony Nolan, exiting his car for...

Restesting Connecticut drivers would improve traffic safety

It’s time to take a hard look at the driving habits of Connecticut residents of all ages. On a daily basis, I observe in my small driving area people on cell phones, tailgating, drivers not yielding right of way, non-adherence to traffic...

Comparing public versus private schools unfair

Does Dan Vogel’s op-ed, “Government works best at local level,” (Sept. 9), use data corrected for the disadvantaged...

Is the only truth what president says? That's dangerous.

Wait, no, that can't be right. Did I just read that U.S. government employees of the National Weather Service made an accurate projection of the trajectory of hurricane Dorian, were backed up by other weather experts, were substantiated in real...

Document abuses for history by impeaching president

America’s system of government appears broken. To a staggering degree, the system of checks and balances is not working. A lawless president in tandem with a corrupt Republican leadership and gutless Republican Senate demonstrates failure...



Columnist Lee Elci

Debt is out of control and politicians don't care

Your kids and your kids’ kids will be asked to carry an unsustainable debt albatross long after all of us are gone.

Columnist Richard Cohen

Why identity politics is dangerous

It is wrong to think the injustice of racism and all the other "isms" can be righted with the injustice of identity politics. We have enough victims already.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Biden's debate: 'presidential' or 'disqualifying' -- depending on the source

Biden's response to one question belongs in some sort of Bizarre Answer Hall of Fame, drifting from an apparently unintended insult to low-income parents ("they don't know quite what to do") to a now-famous mention of record players as parenting...


Bolton or not, Trump foreign policy remains dysfunctional

Trump’s combination of carelessness and capriciousness will continue to haunt U.S. foreign policy regardless of who replaces Bolton.

Bolton exit provides an opportunity for Iran talks

When it comes to Iran, the Trump administration's hands are no longer tied by Bolton, an ideologue who views diplomacy as a weakness rather than a tool.


Why GOP victory in North Carolina spells disaster for Democrats

President Trump is the single most effective surrogate and turnout machine for the Republican Party, the most important weapon in the fight to control Congress.

Ledyard Fair can stay put if it simplifies

The future fairs could be held in the current location if the Fair Association would do a little bit of repositioning and downsizing.

Feminist aviation pioneer had ties to Noank

Putnam’s mother had refused in purported disapproval of the union to allow the planned use of her home on Church Street in the center of the village, only to change her mind at the last minute.