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What Jim Carrey realized when he thought he had 10 minutes to live

A satire of Hollywood’s self-absorption coinciding with the end of the planet, none of it is real … except when it is. And given the extreme circumstances that have marked Carrey’s life, it’s sometimes difficult to sort out fact from fiction.

Appreciation: From ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ to ‘The Untouchables,’ Ennio Morricone made music a movie star

It’s hard for me to recall the most vivid moments in “Mission to Mars,” Brian De Palma’s outer-space drama from 2000, without hearing the great music of Ennio Morricone. That probably isn’t how you expected this to begin, but then, Morricone had a thing...




Rocks in my head: A top geologist sets me straight

Former state geologist Ralph Lewis cleared up a few misconceptions about rocks the other day while hiking with our small group through the 201-acre Candlewood Hill Wildlife Management Area in Groton.

Rick's List — "FANNN-tastic!" Edition

"FANNN-tastic!" I will never read or hear the word "fantastic" again without thinking of my friend John Bresser's distinctive pronunciation thereof. When you saw John, which I did most mornings in The Day newsroom until he retired, and we...