Still kicking: Ralph Macchio revives 'Karate Kid' franchise

Ralph Macchio (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Still kicking: Ralph Macchio revives 'Karate Kid' character for YouTube series, 'Cobra Kai,' now in its second season

How ‘Lucifer,’ banished from Fox, found sympathy for the devil from Netflix

The cast and producers of the drama about the Prince of Darkness who gets bored in hell and winds up in Los Angeles as a night-club owner and police crime consultant are rejoicing over its resurrection by Netflix, after a painful cancellation by Fox.

Dennis Quaid’s dog is by his side promoting ‘A Dog’s Journey’

Dennis Quaid attends the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “A Dog’s Journey” in Hollywood with his dog Peaches. (Amy Sussman/Getty Images/TNS)

“I still get choked up when I think about her,” the actor, now 65, said of the dog he had until he was 19. “She was just totally devoted to me. She was my best friend.”

Movie tip: "Long Shot"

MOVIE TIP Long Shot This might seem like just another in Hollywood’s long line of Goddess-falls-for-Schlub flicks, but it’s more than that. It’s a quite funny adult rom-com, and even when the plot goes off the rails on occasion, the dialogue is still amusing and...

'The Voice' finale: What Maelyn Jarmon's victory over three country singers says about the show


Jarmon proved that even if you're the only finalist who's not country, and not from the mighty Team Blake, it's still possible to conquer the competition. Sure, being up against three similar contestants could have split the vote in her favor; but in this situation, Jarmon also won because she was...





A smashing good time at the Essex River Race

Of all the things that can go awry during a chaotic boat race on a winding river with a narrow channel — running aground, flipping over or cramping up — I hadn’t foreseen one other misadventure last Saturday: slamming into a...

Improving heart health

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology just published an entire edition, a “Special Focus Issue: Cardiovascular Health Promotion", publishing a plethora of studies that look at lifestyle changes to improve heart health.