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Suspense novelist Wendy Walker guests at 'Read of THE DAY' event Tuesday

Author Wendy Walker (Bill Mills)

For years, impatient record company moguls, listening to yet another band's demo tape, would bark, "Where's the hook?!" One can imagine a similar scenario happening daily in the publishing business, with agents and editors leafing through manuscripts. "Yeah, yeah, great. But where's the...



Hygienic to reschedule tonight's 'The f-stops Here' reception

Because of the expected bad weather and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Hygienic Art has decided to postpone the opening reception of the exhibition "The f-stops Here" that had been set for tonight. Hygienic will update the public...

Early Music Society hosts Cocktails, Conversation and Concert Friday

The Connecticut Early Music Society presents their annual Fall Benefit Concert as their inaugural virtual presentation at 5 p.m. Friday. The event kicks off with "Cocktails and Conversation"; join in as Early Music's artistic director Ian...


Rick's List - Scholarly Personal Bookshelf Edition

You've heard of Rick's Bookshelf Arrangers, right? No? Well, it's my very successful new company. Y'see, if you're one of the 72 percent of the general population regularly called as a panelist to provide analysis on one of...

Friends in high places: The region’s top overlooks

Everyone loves a view. Beyond the inspirational benefits, you can’t get much more socially distant during a pandemic than standing atop an overlook.



Careless son-in-law leaves trail of chaos in his wake

DEAR ABBY: My son-in-law "Kirk" has issues with closing doors, kitchen cabinets and refrigerator doors. Three times my daughter has had to throw out food because it spoiled. He doesn't close cereal boxes, bags of candy or chips,...

Late-night smoking clouds neighbors' sweet dreams

DEAR ABBY: My family and I bought a house in a nice, quiet, safe neighborhood three years ago. What we didn't know prior to moving in was that our next-door neighbor sometimes smokes cigarettes. It rains eight months out of...

Family friend fears young woman is addicted to meth

DEAR ABBY: The 22-year-old daughter of close friends of ours has been living in a van during the pandemic. Her parents, my husband and I heard her on her cellphone talking about a party where her friends were doing meth. No one reacted except me.

Cross-dressing causes fracture in a solid longtime marriage

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been together for 11 years, married for eight. We have been through a lot together, which has served to strengthen our marriage. My husband is my Prince Charming and my happily forever...

Perfect guy on the outside becomes abusive at home

DEAR ABBY: I have been with "Dylan" for three years, engaged for two. I have a lot of insecurities about it. We met right after my husband's death. Dylan was the perfect guy in the beginning. Looking back, I realize there...

Man contemplates adopting the stepdaughter he adores

DEAR ABBY: I am thinking about asking my stepdaughter "Gwen" (37 years old with a husband and three kids) if she would like me to adopt her. I married her mother when Gwen was 2. We divorced when she was 8 or 9, so we were out of...


Your stars -- Oct. 20

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You'll face opposition if you question what someone is doing. Concentrate on what will help you get...