With a wink and a 'yasssss,' Lazarus Lynch brings soul food to the Snapchat generation

Lazarus Lynch with his curry chicken. (Photo by Jesse Dittmar for The Washington Post)

When Lazarus Lynch's debut cookbook came out last month, he slipped into an electric-blue-and-purple wig, a checkered trench coat and leather pants, and took to the streets.




Outer Light Brewing Co. offers organic beer

Groton-based Outer Light Brewing Company has released Outsider Organic India Pale Ale, which they say, to their knowledge, is the first certified organic beer released by a Connecticut brewery. Outer Light Brewing Company was certified...


Creatures of habit

We learn by repetition. But no matter how much I learn, I seem to always forget more.

Rick's List — Plane-Towed Banner Edition

In the summer, especially on holidays like July 4th, Labor Day and National Humidity Day, when the beaches are packed with folks whose only focus is not on having fun but rather on stuff like where to get the best insurance deals, I always look...


Old boyfriend who stole items years ago turns up on Facebook

DEAR ABBY: I recently located a person I knew a long time ago who stole an expensive gold bracelet from me. I'd dated this guy for a while. He wore my bracelet, and I wore his. My bracelet was a gift from a relative I cared for...

Free spirit feels like wings clipped with her current beau

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly two years. He would literally do anything for me. He's incredibly affectionate and supportive, and a lot of women would love to have someone like him. My problem is...

Girlfriend loves man and his dogs but draws line at more

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been together for a while. He is the kindest, most considerate and thoughtful man I've ever dated. We do not officially live together but spend the majority of the week together, mostly at...

Man becomes more distant after moving in with girlfriend

DEAR ABBY: After being together for a year, my boyfriend and I recently moved in together. Since then he hasn't been home much. We don't spend time together the way we used to when we first started dating. He has changed a...

Sisters planning Europe trip plotting to leave husband behind

DEAR ABBY: My son just got a job in Europe and has invited me to visit when he and his family are settled. I have never traveled out of the country, and I'm excited to go. I suggested staying at least a month, and he and his wife...

Parents unsure how to have "the talk" with son

DEAR ABBY: I have a young, preteen grandson who is asking his parents "facts of life" questions. They are bewildered about how to give him the information. I'd be grateful if you could share details of the publication you have...