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Not with a gun on Fifth Avenue, but Trump killed a family friend

The president's decision not to tell Americans how deadly COVID would be cost many lives, including...


Is there still room on the Sun bandwagon?

The Connecticut Sun are two wins away from a repeat trip to the finals.

Waterford's Petchark uses college experience to enjoy strong summer

With her junior golf days behind her, Caroline Petchark embraced the challenge of playing stiffer...


Rick's List - Autumn Check List Edition

Though meteorological autumn started at the first of the month, the first day of...

Three towns, one great preserve

All too often, people don’t fully appreciate nature’s small wonders, Carl said,...

Hugh Lena’s life of service

In 1922, 14-year-old Elizabeth Weed had the earache from hell. The mastoid bone behind one ear...


Black Lives Matter. Don't try to change the subject.

So stop asking me about Chicago. I require no instruction from you on how and when to mourn. More to the point, stop using tragedies to duck the matter at hand.

Digital world helps 'people peaceably to assemble'

The boat parade was a reminder that even in blue-state Connecticut, which I suspect Biden will carry easily, Trump has a large group of loyal supporters.

Missing the little things voters care about outside the bubble

They're not little to us. The safety of our families isn't some little thing. The kind of history being crammed into our children's heads isn't a little thing.

Why I wince when I hear the words 'white privilege'

As I try to encourage the cross-racial dialogue that we so desperately need, I find the term "white privilege" often proves to be more trouble than it's worth.

New London council chooses political correctness over protecting lives

If police are less able to handle a mass shooter incident, will the blood of those injured or killed easily wash off the hands of council members who voted down a vehicle...

Woodward interviews ‘got almost nothing’

As to the content of the interviews, Woodward got almost nothing. Yet, predictably, Democrats, led by presidential candidate Joe Biden, are trying to turn the interviews and...