Lamont should demand resignations at scandal-ridden port authority

The former board chairman presided over hiring a colleague without port management experience for a...


Honoring the life of Dick Donovan leads to reflective moment

Mr. Donovan, Dick — or "Gerry" as some knew him — was a fixture in the bleachers here...

Stiff competition not only obstacle to winning 93rd Norwich Invitational

Beating a highly-competitive field is just one obstacle to winning this weekend's 93rd Norwich...


Creatures of habit

We learn by repetition. But no matter how much I learn, I seem to always forget more.

Rick's List — Plane-Towed Banner Edition

In the summer, especially on holidays like July 4th, Labor Day and National Humidity Day, when...

Rapids, lakes and bugs: An Allagash adventure, Part II

Surviving squalls, wind and bugs on an exquisite, 90-mile wilderness river

Friends without borders

In 2011, the United Nations declared July 30 an International Day of Friendship.


Foundation of Lamont’s budget may crumble

This scheme is a classic case of kicking the can down the road, with the can getting bigger in the process.

Community bears nuclear risk, should be heard on easing regulations

The government should not base its regulations on the assumption nuclear plants will be run by good actors. And reducing inspections and other requirements now seems like a...

Here's a pledge even staunch progressives can use to win the hearts of Never Trumpers

Democratic contenders should consider a pledge to restore constitutional balance.

Will attorney general block bank merger that would hurt state conumers?

If the attorney general won't defend competition in banking in Connecticut, no one else will.

Trump places Democrats in lose-lose corner

The president is setting Democrats up for what could be a major defeat in the 2020 election by forcing them to embrace these people and their statements, thus causing further...

Democrats say no one is above the law, except illegal immigrants

It's a little hard to take Democrats seriously when, in investigating Trump, they claim to be fighting for the principle that no one is above the law.