Puerto Ricans in New London call for resignation of island's governor

New London — Waving flags, holding signs and chanting, more than 100 members of the city’s Puerto Rican community rallied on Monday to call for the resignation of Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

The protest held at Parade Plaza was a show of solidarity for people in Puerto Rico where hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets on Monday, angered over leaked group chat messages in which Rossello uses offensive language with his advisors, insults women and mocks constituents, including victims of Hurricane Maria, the Associated Press reported.

Sheila Marrero, who organized Monday’s event in New London and is a member of the Church of the City, said the U.S. Territory is tainted by a corrupt governor and its people are hurting. The event was an attempt to “galvanize our brothers and sisters from New London,” she said.

“We’re here this evening to make a difference,” Marrero said.

Rosselló has apologized and said he would not seek reelection in 2020 or continue as head of his New Progressive Party but resisted calls to resign. It has led to more than a week of protests on the island.

Church of the City Pastor Josué Rosado called the protests a “social justice cause.”

“And we are not going to back down. The heart of our nation has been at risk for many years,” Rosado said through a translator – City Council member Efrain Dominguez.

“We have a responsibility for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico,” Rosado said. “It may be a small island but it has a gigantic heart.”

Pastor Daniel Martino, who led a passionate prayer, also stopped for a moment of silence for the thousands of victims of Hurricane Maria.



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