Flags of all eras stood for ideals

Knowing that there is always more basis to one's singular comment deriding the display of a particular United States flag, as an openminded veteran I find such comments offensive and feel these comments just add legitimacy to other groups who likewise attempt to use the flag to support their extremist views.

I would like to hope that my statement below more fully represents the views of most Americans concerning our national flags, past and present. 

The United States’ flags through so many generations have represented peoples of many races and nationalities who have continuously sought, fought to provide a more perfect union. Always, though imperfections existed in the conditions at the time, there remained in the best minds the ideals of equality for all people. To suggest that there shouldn't be a celebration of the beginning of these founding principles is to disavow the courage and faith of all those lives given to further the cause of equality for all. Our flags throughout the centuries, symbols of the best ideals held by the hopeful masses, are sacred and honored by respectful citizens of this union.

Chris Storer

East Haddam 


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