A close look at present location made him Smiler's Wharf fan

The article, “Developer outlines plan for Smiler’s Wharf project,” (June 18), written by Day Staff Writer Joe Wojtas brought a huge smile to my face that has lasted throughout the day. Inspired, I drove with my partner Nancy to see the site of the proposed project firsthand. I was greeted by decrepit old storage sheds with gaping holes in roofs approaching imminent collapse. Docks so rickety Captain Jack Sparrow would avoid them. The muddy pothole plagued parking lot resembled the Oregon Trail. The sheds resembled the old Essex Boat Works and the Dauntless Shipyard both of which succumbed in a conflagration of fire with untold losses of yachts and equipment.

John Holstein and his family should be commended for their thoughtful project incorporating increased public access to the river, additional free parking that Mystic sorely needs, while at the same time removing a dangerous eyesore. I urge residents to familiarize themselves with the Smiler’s Wharf Project and support it in every way possible for the benefit of all Mystic and the surrounding areas.

Brian O’Dwyer



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