Economic promises trump values

Does the end justify the means? Mention Trump’s incessant lying, erratic tweets, shameless hypocrisy, boorish misogyny or inhumane policies and the parroted response from GOP sycophants is “the great economy” and drivel like “promises made, promises kept.”

The economy is strong. But have they forgotten Obama reduced unemployment to under 5 percent? And what about the frightening implications of tax cuts favoring corporations and the rich? Supercharge the economy but balloon the deficit. What happened to GOP fiscal responsibility? And in boosting the economy, what about threats to America’s environment and spectacular natural heritage? Spoiling pristine land, water and air for a short-term fossil fuel high? Picking which science to believe and which to ignore? They marvel at technology but dismiss the science (and threat) of climate change.

Promises made, promises kept? What about the “beautiful” plan to replace Obamacare? (Nothing but striving to cut it, including popular parts like coverage for pre-existing conditions.) And infrastructure investment? The tax returns? The “great” (ill-conceived) border wall? 

Our values, decency, environment, health, elections, allies, mutual respect — all be damned! It’s the economy, stupid!

Ralph Robinson

Gales Ferry


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