Frustrated by what Eversource gets away with

This is regarding to the letter, “High electric costs more reason to flee Connecticut,” (April 14) from Bruce Rose. I have waited a month and not one reply. We pay what our legislators approve and not one of them has taken Eversource to task for their rates, nor for the people they brought in to replace the long-term employees of Northeast Utilities, whom they are paying less, nor for the non-disclosure agreement they had to sign if they wanted to collect unemployment. Plus, they had to train the new people.

Electricity comes to every ones’ property and you are charged seven times for it. Because I have a heat pump that heats and cools our home, I have an additional charge, "Distribution Customer Service Charge," which went from $19.25 to $23.75 last year. I have written many times in this paper about their charges and have written Senator Formica and Governor Lamont and have never had a response.

The reason the rates are so high is because of failed energy policies mandated by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Space does not permit an explanation. Isn't it a monopoly to have only one distributor? Don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave. 

Jim Rondeau



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