CD tip: "The Divide," Tony Patterson and Doug Melbourne

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CD tip

The Divide

Tony Patterson and Doug Melbourne

This pair of veteran UK musicians met playing in a tribute band dedicated to Gabriel-era Genesis. You don't have to read that information; to hear this recording is to assume something like that because those influences are so prominent. But there are other fine touchstones including Gotye, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Toto, North Atlantic Oscillation and Air. Derivative? Yes. On the other hand, these are 10 very, very good songs that cumulatively provide an atmospheric groove and gentle melodies. Too? Some intriguing and topical lyrical mediations that frequently reflect the bizarre world we live in. The best thing is that the songs have a soothing effect — and songs like "Antarctica," "Autumn's Left Quiter," "Next Generation" and "Making It Great Again" would make any of the aforementioned "influences" proud to have written. 


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