CD tip: Rubycon, Tangerine Dream

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Wait! Wasn't there a Tangerine Dream review here last week? Well, yes, of "Phaedra." The thing is, all of the albums the pioneering electronic music trio released for the Virgin label in the '70s have been remixed — by Steven Wilson, no less — and it's been a mesmerizing pleasure to reacquaint myself with the greatness of these recordings. Not that they're ever really far away. But Wilson's superhero's ear is so attuned to the crystaline sonic possibilities of today's technology that he's able to add dark sparkle to "Rubycon," another masterwork in which Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann provided what, for me, was how it must sound to smoke opium and then pleasantly drown in a cool green lagoon while all the seraphs of hell sing lullabies in your brain. Seriously, the depth with which Wilson brings out the mellotron's choral samples.


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